just a small town girl,
living in an ESPN-obsessed world

i've always gotten along better with guys,
but living with them is a whole new challenge.

it's ESPN, beer, and guy talk 24-7.

i'm just trying to hold onto my Gossip Girl, lip gloss, and heels.

February 20, 2010

Hot or Not?

Stephen and I have been in an endless argument over leather pants.

I think they're hot. I have a pair of leggings that look a lot like leather, and I love them. It's nice to be able to cover up some skin and still feel sexy, especially in these frigid months when I'm running for my Uggs.

There's something about leather (when it's worn properly) that just screams "badass." I tend to gravitate towards my rocker-chick style when I go out on the town, so perhaps I'm one of the few that actually likes this trend.

Stephen has made it very clear that leather pants are not sexy in the least. I asked him to explain why he was so adamant in his hatred of them, and his only response was, "They're gross."

I was under the impression (or stereotype) that guys would find leather pants attractive. Am I totally off base here?

I'm going to need some feedback on this one. Leather pants, hot or not? Please give some reasons for your verdict too!

I'm kind of interested to see how many guys actually read this ridiculous piece of work.